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Enterprise Policy & Entitlements

End-User Experience: The configurable User Interface (UI) allows the enterprise to brand the Look & Feel of the portal. The entitlement driven, fully integrated technology life cycle, and configurable workflows enable a secure and frictionless End-User Experience (EUX).

Equilibrium: Policy-to-Product alignment allows for the enforcement of corporate standards while providing guided selection to end-user communities. The Policy-to-Product filter toggle enables you to open up the entire Marketplace to unlock one-stop shopping for technology.

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Balancing Enterprise Policy with End-User Choice.

Technology, Services, & Solutions

A New Shopping Experience: Combines the strength of CompuCom’s Business-to-Business (B2B) engine with the elegance of a Business-to-Consumer (B2C) design, providing an unprecedented shopping experience for you.

End-to-End Logistics: Integrated workflow, hybrid delivery models, and full-service deployment offerings to eliminate visibility gaps within the supply chain - enabling you to track order, delivery, and fulfillment status.

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The Technology Marketplace

Liquid Dashboard

Dashboards: Construct your dashboards using configurable building-blocks to create your own heads-up displays.

Reports & Analytics: Access the intelligence and analytics via the Portal Dashboard.

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& Assisted Support

Omni-Channel Support: Access to end-user support services. Choose the type of support you need, when and where you need it.

Self-Service & Service Catalog: Access our robust self-service channels, knowledge articles for your technologies, and the ever-expanding service catalog.

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Unrivaled Customer Care

Technology LifeCycle Services

IT Asset Disposition Services: Includes de-installation, secure data wiping and logistics, asset refurbishment and ecologically friendly destruction.

Asset Management: Includes asset birth certificate creation to drive contextual services, asset tracking, lease management services, trade-in, trade-up, buy-back, and remarket services.

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Secure, ecologically friendly IT asset disposition.

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